The convenience of an address label is often overlooked until you prepare to send out a batch of invitations or holiday cards. After two or three letters, writing the addresses by hand becomes tedious and time-consuming. People have slowly come to appreciate the benefits of self-adhesive return address labels, and we now see them on our mail more often than a hand-written return address. The labels speed up the everyday task of addressing a letter, but they are also customizable, so they allow you to add a personal or creative touch to your design. The best part is that return address labels don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – you can buy them in bulk online, or even design and print your own.


ReturnAddressLabels Peeling and sticking a return address label on each of your letters is much faster than writing your address by hand. It also eliminates the problem of hurried or illegible handwriting, and the printed text doesn’t take up much room, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space. Addressing envelopes can be boring, especially when doing them in bulk, so the labels make the process a little more interesting and enjoyable. The self-adhesive stickers are the best because you don’t have to lick them to fix them in place.

The return address labels make your letters look more professional, so you can use them to send things to friends, family, coworkers, and clients. Depending on the design you choose, return address labels can be appropriate for both social and business correspondences.


The customizability of return address labels is one of the primary reasons that the trend caught on. Some people use animal or cartoon themes, while others add nice metallic accents and cute script. Many aspects of the label design can be tailored to meet your personal preferences. You can change the font to look formal or casual, you can add fun graphics and also change the text size to suit your needs. While you can play around with color, keep in mind that the address needs to be clearly legible for the postal service, so stick with dark colors like black, blue, and purple. Most sites where you can order the labels will give you a little variety on each sheet or roll of labels, so you aren’t limited to a single color scheme.

Using a return address label for your business transactions makes a good impression on your clients. It shows that you are organized and professional. A formal design speaks volumes for you, letting customers know they can rely on your good reputation. A similar business design should be used if you are mailing in job or school applications to let your future employer know that you would make a good employee.


Return address labels are available online in free or very cheap pre-made designs. To qualify for these deals, you may need to sign up for a free trial offer, or submit your email address for a newsletter that gets mailed out weekly. You can also choose to pay extra to design your own labels before ordering. If you can commit to buying in bulk, the prices are incredibly reasonable and the final product is well worth the cost. You will also be given the option of adding holiday labels to your order, which can be nice to have on hand for Easter and Christmas cards.

For such a low price, self-adhesive return address labels are a home and business convenience that are just too tempting to pass up. The personalized touch also lets you greet those you write to with a special touch. Use the labels as an opportunity to leave your mark on the world around you.